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The California Regulations for Addiction Counselor Certification require that anyone working in a licensed AOD facility in California must register within 6 months of beginning work (this includes volunteers and interns). Once an individual has registered, they have five years to become certified.

You have several options: Student Registration, Intern Registration, Individual Registration; Individual CAADE Membership, and Institutional/Organizational Membership. CAADE suggests that you register as soon as you begin your practicum or fieldwork class (Counselor regulations require everyone to register within 6 months of beginning to volunteer, intern, or work in any licensed facility). Once registered you will receive your copy of the quarterly CAADE Chronicles as well as discounted rates on membership and annual CAADE conference tickets. Once you pass the CATC exam you will receive an internship number as a CATC-i and will be considered a registered Intern. You must become certified within 5 years of registering in the state.


Overview of Counselor Certification in California


Registration Forms

Student Registration

Student Registration is open to individuals enrolled in/that have completed a CAADE accredited/approved Alcohol/Drug Studies Program and have NOT yet passed the CATC exam.

*For initial Student Registration, please include a copy of unofficial transcripts that clearly show enrollment in a CAADE accredited ADS program.*

Student Registration Application


Intern (CATC-i) Registration

The CATC-i is an individual who has passed the CATC Exam and is completing clinical hours towards their initial certification.

Intern (CATC-i) Registration Application


Individual Registration

Individual Registration is open to those individuals who did not complete their ADS education at a CAADE accredited/approved school and are either certifying with CAADE through the equivalency process or who are not attending or have not attended a CAADE approved/accredited school and would like to legally complete clinical hours towards their initial certification.

Individial Registration Application

Beginning March 1, 2014, prior to registering with CAADE, all individuals not enrolled in a CAADE accredited Addiction Studies Program shall complete a nine (9) hours orientation course consisting of:

Three (3) hours of ethics

Three (3) hours of professional boundaries

Three (3) hours of confidentiality

CAADE pre-registrants who are not enrolled in a CAADE accredited program must take the orientation course with an approved provider. The nine hours of education specified in the orientation course do not count toward fulfillment of the CAADE accredited program.

Breining 9 Hour Orientation


Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing. Under no circumstances will processing of applications be expedited.


CAADE Membership Forms

Individual Membership Application

Institutional or Organizational Membership Application



Carefully review these forms prior to registering. You do not need to send in copies of these documents with your registration application, as you are agreeing to abide by the following documents by signing the registration/membership application.

CAADE Code of Ethics

CATC Scope Of Practice

California AOD Counselor Uniform Code of Conduct 

You may pay here with PayPal or a credit card. Save & print your receipt; include a copy with your application as proof of payment. You must complete and submit a Registration form in order to register or re-register. PayPal payment alone will not accomplish this. Other forms of payment include personal check, certified check, or money order. Checks returned for nonsufficient funds will be charged a $25 fee in addition to the regular fee and must be replaced with cash or Paypal/credit card payment.

Select One of the Following Registration/Membership Options: