Same Names, Same Values: CAADE and Breining


Same Name, Same Values:
CAADE and Breining
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  • As of August 29th, all Breining RAS counselors and registrants have been seamlessly transitioned over to CAADE under our tiered system recognized by the State of California Department of Healthcare Services.
  • While Breining will be transitioning all RAS certified counselors to the CATC certification, Breining WILL still be issuing the RAS Credential nationally and to California counselors, so that they will retain the national recognition (such as making them eligible for NAADAC certifications) that the RAS Credential affords them.
  • The Breining Institute continues to offer their high quality education, and Breining graduates will now be eligible to sit for the CATC exam. CAADE offers CATC exam prep workshops and the CATC exam prep workbook is available here. 
  • The RAS-to-CATC Credential transition affects California counselors with the RAS Certification allowing them to transition into a standardized and credible certification in California that meets the California law requirement for entry-level counselor certification. 
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