Dear CAADE Community,

We will be providing our membership with a formal correspondence within the next few days. This will go out to every member and registrant and will be our public statement. In the meantime the answer is yes, it is true, at least for the time being, that the certifying body that registers and certifies the CATC credential for CAADE is unable to certify or give the exam. We are working round the clock with the other agencies CADPT and CCAPP, to ensure that our members are taken care of until this situation is remedied. Our membership and their status is our number one priority at this time, and we encourage you to please be patient. The official statement should clarify a lot of questions you may have about how this affects you. This notice does not affect our college programs, as we are still in the accreditation business of college programs, and their college coursework is still valid. Please check this page again in a few days for updates.