CAADE Sponsoring AB 700 (Uniform Career Ladder for SUD Counselors) and AB 575 (mandated reporting for elder abuse)


This year CAADE is sponsoring two bills in the state legislature: AB 700 (Jones-Sawyer, D) and AB 575 (Jones-Sawyer, D).

AB 700 Public health: alcoholism or drug abuse recovery: substance use disorder counseling would establish a career ladder and a recommended scope of practice for addiction counselors in California. To read the entire bill go to

AB 575 Elder and dependent adult abuse: mandated reporters: substance use disorder counselors would, for purposes of the mandated reporter law, include within the definition of “health practitioner” a substance use disorder counselor, thereby making a substance use disorder counselor a mandated reporter. To read the entire bill go to

Please see the attached document (click here) which has sample letters of support. We ask you to fax or mail your support letter by March 28 to: 

The Honorable Jim Wood, Chair 
Assembly Health Committee
State Capitol Room 6005
Sacramento, California 95814

Fax: (916) 319-2102