CAADE Sponsoring AB 700 (Uniform Career Ladder for SUD Counselors) and AB 575 (mandated reporting for elder abuse)


This year CAADE is sponsoring two bills in the state legislature: AB 700 (Jones-Sawyer, D) and AB 575 (Jones-Sawyer, D).

AB 700 Public health: alcoholism or drug abuse recovery: substance use disorder counseling would establish a single, unified career ladder for addiction counselors in California. AB 700 passed the full Assembly with 70 yes votes and is moving on to the Senate Health Committee.

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AB 575 Elder and dependent adult abuse: mandated reporters: substance use disorder counselors would, for purposes of the mandated reporter law, include within the definition of “health practitioner” a substance use disorder counselor, thereby making a substance use disorder counselor a mandated reporter. To read the entire bill go to

AB 700 and the future of this profession needs you! Take action now! 

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