CEU Providers



If you complete a training or course after the CEU Provider's number is expired we cannot accept the CEUs.

Check the date on your CEU certificates

The expiration date is the last 4 digits of the approval number

Examples:       1217: Expires 12/31/17          1115: Expires 11/30/15

CAADE Provider #

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City State Online Expiration Course Restrictions
CP30 694 P 0000 CAADE Lakewood CA   No exp  
CP30 696 P 0000 NAADAC Alexandria VA   No exp  
CP20 703 C 0818 NADCP Alexandria VA   31-Aug-2018  
CP40 736 C 0220 Treatment Excellence Alhambra CA   28-Feb-2020  
CP40 963 C 0917 Genesis Process Auburn CA   30-Sep-2017  
CP20 744 C 0520 Recovery Capital Confernce of Canada BC Canada BC   31-May-2020  
CP10 695 A 0417
CP25 695 C 0417
Pegasus/Villareal & Associates, Inc. Beaumont CA   30-Apr-2017  
CP20 966 A 1217 New Bridge Foundation Berkeley CA   31-Dec-2017  
CP20 964 C 1117 Rites of Passage Council Black Mountain NC   30-Nov-2017  
CP30 740 C 0320 Foundations Recovery Network Brentwood TN   31-Mar-2020  
CP10 749 C1020 Phoenix House of Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn NY   31-Oct-2020  
CP10 960 C 0517 Buellton Medical Clinic Buellton CA   31-May-2017  
CP40 946 C0920 Korean Community Services Inc Buena Park CA   30-Sept-2020  
CP20 859 H 1017 Ce4Less.com Butte MT X 31-Oct-2017 *NOTE: Select laws & ethics courses approved. All general courses approved.
CP20 737 H 0320 Aspira Continuing Education Camarillo CA   31-Mar-2020 *NOTE: NOT approved to provide Laws & Ethics training.
CP20 860 C 1120 Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families Camarillo CA   30-Nov-2020  
CP20 706 C 0818 Wanda Nelson Canoga Park CA   30-Aug-2018  
CP10 730 CH 0519 The Change Companies Carson City NV   31-May-2019  
CP10 718 C 0319 Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies Center City MN   30-Mar-2019  
CP10 967 C1217 Butte County Dept. of Behavioral Health Chico CA   31-Dec-2017  
Cp40 725 H 0419 SpeedyCEUs.com Chino CA X 30-Apr-2019  
CP10 700 C 0818 Simple Recovery, Inc. Costa Mesa CA   30-Aug-2018  
CP10 715 C 1218 Risk Management Services Cotati CA   31-Dec-2018  
CP15 861 C 0419 Social Model Recovery Systems, Inc. Covina CA   30-Apr-2019  
CP30 932 C 0818 U.S. Journal Training, Inc. Deerfield Beach FL   30-Aug-2018  
CP20 697 A 0318 McAlister Institute El Cajon CA   31-Mar-2018  
CP10 748 C 0720 V-Solutions Consulting, LLC El Segundo CA   31-July-2020  
CP40945C0920 The Fellowship Center Escondido CA   30-09-2020  
CP40 720 C 0319 Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services Eureka CA   31-Mar-2019  
CP40 952 H 0220 CE Learning Systems, LLC Fontana WI X 29-Feb-2020  
CP10 957 C 0317 Assessment, Training & Research Associates Fresno CA   31-Mar-2017  
CP20 746 C 0520 Central California Recovery, Inc. Fresno CA   31-May-2020  
CP10 727 C 1119 Sandra L. Nelson Fresno CA   30-Nov-2019  
CP40 721 C 0419 Westcare California, Inc. Fresno CA   30-Apr-2019  
CP40 863 C 0719 Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Gardena CA   31-July-2019  
CP30 958 A 0520 Mountain Vista Farm Glen Ellen CA   31-May-2020  
CP10 711 C 1018 Horizon Services Hayward CA   31-Oct-2018  
CP40 707 A 0918 Addiction Specialist Christian Counselors Institute Inglewood CA   30-Sep-2018  
CP40 911 C 1016 Phoenix Houses of California Lake View Terrace CA   31-Oct-2016 Expired
CP40 868 C 0419 Training Institute for Addiction Counselors Lakewood CA   30-Apr-2019  
CP10 732 C 1119 Shifting Gears Counseling & Consulting Services Lancaster CA   30-Nov-2019  
CP10 713 C 1218 Donna Palmer Lancaster CA   31-Dec-2018  
CP25 733 C 0120 Prevention Research Institute, Inc Lexington KY   31-Jan-2020  
CP10 745 C 0520 New Found Life Long Beach CA   31-May-2020  
CP30 735 C 0220 Serene Connections, Inc. Long Beach CA   28-Feb-2020  
CP25 724 C 1219 MIES, Inc. Los Angeles CA   31-Dec-2019  
CP20 950 H 1217 CEUnits.com Los Angeles CA X 31-Oct-2017  
CP40 731 A 1219 Homeless Health Care Los Angeles Los Angeles CA   31-Dec-2019  
CP20 874 C 0116 Los Angeles Training Institute for Alcohol & Drug Couselors Los Angeles CA   31-Jan-2019  
CP30 741 C 0420 Matrix Institute on Addictions Los Angeles CA   30-Apr-2020  
CP10 875 C 0119 National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA) Los Angeles CA   30-Nov-2019  
CP20 872 C 0819 UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Program Los Angeles CA   31-Aug-2019  
CP10 748 C 0720 V-Solutions Consulting, LLC Los Angeles CA   31-July-2020  
CP40 877 H 1217 Quantum Units Education Los Osos CA X 31-Dec-2017  
CP40 709 C 0918 Contra Costa Behavioral Health Division Martinez CA   30-Sep-2018  
CP20 719 C 0319 Stanislaus County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Modesto CA   30-Mar-2019  
CP20 965 H 1217 Century Anger Management Monarch Beach CA   31-Dec-2017  
CP10 729 A 0819 CRI-Help, Inc. North Hollywood CA   31-Aug-2019  
CP20 956 P 0000 The Breining Institute Orangevale CA X No exp  
CP40 870 H 1218 Netsmart Technologies Overland Park CA X 31-Dec-2018  

CP15 882 C 0117

PALM Inc. Palm Springs CA   31-Jan-2017  
CP20 699 A 0618 Grandview Foundation, Inc. Pasadena CA   30-Jun-2018  
CP20 884 C 0119 Impact Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center Pasadena CA   31-Jan-2019  
CP40 944 C 1218 Pacific Clinics Training Institute Pasadena CA   21-Dec-2018  
CP20 716 C 0219 Progress House, Inc. Placerville CA   28-Feb-2019  
CP30 734 H 0220 Visions of the Cross, Inc. Redding CA   28-Feb-2020  
CP10 906 C 0717
CP10 907 A 0717
CP10 908 H 0717
Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) Reno NV   31-Jul-2017  
CP40 928 C 1018 Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. Reseda CA   31-Oct-2018  
CP10 702 C 0818 Pacific Grove Hospital Riverside CA   31-Aug-2018  
CP10 889 H 0620 NetCE.com Roseville CA X 30-Jun-2020  
CP40 722 ACH 0419 Onsite Strategies Roseville CA   30-Apr-2019  
CP30 695 P 0000 CCAPP Sacramento CA   No Exp  
CP40 705 C 0000 CADTP Sacramento CA   No Exp  
CP40 742 AC 0320 California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc. Sacramento CA   31-Mar-2020  
CP20 708 C 0918 C.O.R.E. Medical Clinic, Inc. Sacramento CA   30-Sep-2018  
CP40 886 C 0818 County of San Bernardino, Dept. of Behavioral Health San Berndardino CA   31-Aug-2018  
CP40 962 C 0217 Sovereign Health Group San Clemente CA   28-Feb-2017  
CP40 696 C 0318 Paul Gillane, LMFT San Clemente CA   31-Mar-2018  
CP15 961 C 0517 Counselor Training Approved Programs (C-TAP) San Clemente CA   31-May-2017  
CP40 909 H 1120 Continuing Psychology Education San Diego CA X 30-Nov-2020 *Note: NOT approved to provide Law and Ethics Training

CP10 906 CH 0320

Academy for Professional Excellence San Diego CA   31-Mar-2020  

CP40 909 A 0317
CP40 909 C 0317

CP40 909 H 0317

Mental Health Systems San Diego CA   31-Mar-2017  
CP40 910 H 0318

Relias Learning

San Diego CA X 31-Mar-2018  
CP15 962 C 0917 McKinley Children's Center San Dimas CA   30-Sep-2017 *Note: NOT approved to provide Law & Ethics training
CP10 701 C 0818
CP20 701 H 0818
BAART Programs San Francisco CA   31-Aug-2018  
CP40 914 C 1017 HealthRight 360 San Francisco CA   31-Oct-2017  
CP10 919 C 0520 Opiate Treatment Outpatient Program San Francisco CA   31-May-2020  
CP40 912 C 0519

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Office of Health Equity, Cultural Competency, and Workforce Development

San Francisco CA   31-May-2019  
CP10 728 C 0919 Swords To Plowshares San Francisco CA   30-Sep-2019  
CP40 738 C 0320 New Method Wellness San Juan Capistrano CA   31-Mar-2020  
CP10 954 C 0518 Occupational Health Services San Marcos CA   30-May-2018 *NOTE: NOT approved to provide Law & Ethics training
CP15 712 C 0218 San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services San Mateo CA   28-Feb-2018  
CP40 968 C 1217 Orange County Health Care Agency Santa Ana CA   31-Dec-2017  
CP30 935 C 1117 Santa Clara County DADS Santa Clara CA   30-Nov-2017  
CP30 698 C 0418 Encompass Community Services Santa Cruz CA   30-May-2018 *NOTE: NOT approved to provide Law & Ethics training
CP10 959 C 0520 Janus of Santa Cruz Santa Cruz CA   31-July-2020  
CP10 710 A 1018 Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Santa Fe Springs CA   31-Oct-2018  
CP25 714 C 1218

Center Point DAAC

Santa Rosa CA   31-Dec-2018  

CP20 920 C 0818

CP20 920 H 0818

Marste Training Services Santee CA   31-Aug-2018  
CP10 930 C 0818 The Latino Commission So. San Francisco CA   30-Aug-2018  
CP20 926 A 0119 Sitike Counseling Center So. San Francisco CA   31-Jan-2019  

CP40 929 C 0717

The CENAPS Corporation Spring Hill FL   31-Jul-2017  
CP10 747 C 0620 A Wildwood Recovery Thousand Oaks CA   30-June-2010  
CP20 931 C 0819 Thelma McMillen Center Torrance CA   31-Aug-2019  
CP40 704 C 0818 Inland Valley Recovery Services Upland CA   31-Aug-2018  
CP10 717 C 0219 Genesis Programs, Inc. Ventura CA   28-Feb-2019  
CP10 960 C 0217 Jackson Sousa Westlake Village CA   28-Feb-2017  
CP10 743 C 0520 Stand Inbalance, LLC Westlake Village CA   21-May-2020  
CP15 955 H 0218 Greenbriar Treatment Center Wexford PA   28-Feb-2018