The 2nd edition is available now in print or e-text from Kendall Hunt

Intervention text graphic 2nd edition

Intervention, Treatment & Recovery  (2nd edition) is available for immediate purchase (print copy or e-text) from Faculty resources, including PowerPoints for each chapter and a testbank are available at the Instructor Resources page. We appreciate the thousands of instructors and students across the country who are currently using our text. We received notice from Kendall Hunt that the price of the paper copy of the text is going to double, while the etext will remain at $52.07 from Kendall Hunt. Go to  to purchase the etext. Dr. Lori Phelps

 When you order your copy of Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery through the CAADE Associate link above, you receive a special flat rate discount and pay no shipping. In addition, all proceeds from sales through this link go to a scholarship fund for CAADE College students. Scholarships are awarded annually. All royalties from the publisher also go toward the student scholarship fund.

Faculty Desk Copies from Kendall Hunt
Faculty may order desk copies at Instructor's manual with test questions for each chapter are in process. Click here for Istructor resources (including DSM-5/DHCS errata as well as updated/revised Instructor PPTs reflecting DSM-5 dx criteria for Substance-Related Disorders and Other Addictions). Click here for DSM-5 resources.