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FAKE NEWS! As Executive Director of CAADE, I can tell you with absolute certainty that CAADE is working on our NCCA/ICE application to be reaccredited in time for our September 2017 due date. We have no intention of leaving or of letting go of our NCCA accreditation. Don't believe the rumors and lies being spread about CAADE and our national accreditation. Our staff and consultants are in the process of writing our reaccreditation application right now, and we will have it submitted to NCCA/ICE by the due date of August 31, 2017.

CAADE Sponsoring AB 700 (Uniform Career Ladder for SUD Counselors) and AB 575 (mandated reporting for elder abuse)

This year CAADE is sponsoring two bills in the state legislature: AB 700 (Jones-Sawyer, D) and AB 575 (Jones-Sawyer, D).

Capitol One #wishforothers holiday campaign for CAADE

Only CAADE Tiers Follow SAMHSA Career Ladder

The SAMHSA Career Ladder/Model Scopes of Practice is the model for the future of Addiction Counselor Certification and Licensure. It has been implemented in many states and anticipates changes in healthcare laws as well as the growth of Addiction Counseling as a clinical profession with national standards. CAADE's Tiered System is the only model in California that follows the SAMHSA Career Ladder (minus licensure and including our unique community college Addiction Studies programs).

Same Names, Same Values: CAADE and Breining

Same Name, Same Values:
CAADE and Breining
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